Resources for Teaching:

A World from Dust Discussion Guide for Chemistry Classes

This classroom guide includes the following:

  1. General discussion questions for each chapter for use in multiple contexts
  2. Ideas for the Biochemistry classroom with four presentation assignments (assessed by student-written quizzes)
  3. Ideas for the Physical Chemistry classroom with four “Data Talks” that align with physical chemistry topics
  4. Ideas for the First-Year Chemistry and Writing classroom


Resources for Science:

Blog posts on how recent discoveries relate to the book’s narrative

Print and fold your own Folding Periodic Table

12-part video series on art and science, titled “12 Colorful Rules that Shaped Our World,” on YouTube:

Physical Chemistry Data Talks:

Data Talk 1, for AWfD Chapters 1-3 + Atkins and de Paula Chapters 1-2: PChem Data 1-3 Presentation 2016

Data Talk 2, for AWfD Chapters 4-6 + Atkins and de Paula Chapters 3-4: PChem Data 4-6 Presentation 2016

Data Talk 3, for AWfD Chapters 7-9 + Atkins and de Paula Chapters 5-6: PChem Data 7-9 Data Talk Version 2

Data Talk 4, for AWfD Chapters 10-12 + Atkins and de Paula Chapters 7 & 11: PChem Data 10-12 Data Talk


Slides from Recent Talks:

ASA2016McFarland: PDF of slides from ASA 2016 talk, “How the Periodic Table Shaped Life (and the Brain)”




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