Writing about Gala Bent, illustrator for this project:

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The 2010 Weter Lecture: “The Chemical Constraints on Creation” [pdf] [video] [video in iTunes]

“The Trees of Life.” Chapter 16 in Faith Seeking Understanding: Essays in Memory of Paul Brand and Ralph D. Winter, edited by David Marshall. William Carey Library (Pasadena, CA)

“Trees of Life: From Cholera to Tolkien to Urzymes.” Day of Common Learning lecture, Seattle Pacific University.

“The Sounds of New Creation.” 4th annual lecture in the “Last Lecture” series sponsored by Ivy Honorary, Seattle Pacific University.

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“The Chemicals Pour Forth Speech: Teaching Origins with a Biogeochemical Narrative.” Audio of 2010 American Scientific Affiliation meeting at Catholic University, Washington DC

“What Good is Evolution?: A Biochemical Appreciation of Darwin’s Theory.” Panelist for Exploring Darwin and Evolutionary Theory in the 21st Century: Biological Sciences, Seattle Pacific University